A Few Recent Acquisitions

5 Jan

Was looking around the office and saw a few new games I haven’t cataloged yet…

All hard copies, all console games, primarily picked up through Goozex.com:

Resistance 3 (PS3)


A Few Recent Acquisitions

5 Jan

Scoured my office a bit for a few games I picked up, primarily through Goozex.  All hard copies, all console games:

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus


Column 1 Column 2

18 May

Column 1

Column 2

Inaugural Gaming Backlog Post

23 Apr

So here’s the idea…  My gaming backlog used to be manageable.  It was exclusively PC games and all of those games were acquired in physical media form.  

Now the backlog has become unwieldy for a variety of reasons:

1) STEAM and their damned sales – My PC game backlog, no longer restricted to physical media, has grown rapidly

2) Goozex – though they seem to have lost momentum, I managed to acquire some 77 games through trades of games I had (mostly) finished

3) PS2, PS3, and XBOX360 – I only have 20-30 console games, total, but still, it adds up.  

At this point the backlog has gotten so big that it feels like trying to eat the proverbial elephant.  And while the only way to do that is “one bite at a time”, you have to take that first bite.  I decided that a good way to chronicle the backlog and generate some motivation to actual work through it would be to blog it.  

Step One ?  Inventory the backlog, starting with the categories of games I have on hand:

PC Games – physical media and Steam (and GOG.com / Gamefly.com / Origin / Battle.net)

PS2 Games 

PS3 Games

XBOX 360 Games

Hello world!

20 Feb

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